Symbols, colours, freedom to create.

It's something much more meaningful than just interior detail. ..

It's mostly handmade wooden items. Each detail is thoroughly considered and sent with best wishes for new owners. 

Mandala is a circle of symbols and forms representing all phenomena and principles in nature. Mandala is a magic circle, symbol of the universe, health and success. The word "mandala" itself means everything that unites different parts into harmony. These 7-8 or even 12 layers wooden mandalas are not only a gorgeous interior decoration but will also bring harmony and success to your home. 

Mandala. It's more than decoration.

You can choose from our offered colours or we leave you the freedom to create your own unique mandala by decorating it with your beloved colours. We know how important it is to find yourself and wish to do so while decorating your mandala. We offer wooden, paper and engraved mandalas. 

For individual or group therapy or creative time we offer paper mandalas. Decorate the mandalas with your favourite colours, it's a wonderful therapy for your mind and soul. 

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